Knock Knock 2: The Halloween Issue

We are preparing to put together the second issue of our horror themed zine entitled ‘Knock Knock’. We are looking for artists based in the North-West of England from a diverse array of disciplines such as; comics, illustration, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, fine art and photography. This issue is the autumn edition and as such the theme is that of Halloween, what it means to you and differing interpretations of the season.

The publication is in the format of an A5 black and white printed booklet that we will personally print and distribute at a number of comic conventions and craft fairs that we will be attending making it a brilliant opportunity for up and coming artists to get their work seen.

We request that all images submitted are of 300dpi resolution, they need not necessarily be submitted in black and white but will be printed as such therefore it might be better to submit in black and white to ensure optimum image quality. Comics, short stories and poetry we prefer to keep to a 3 page maximum per person (which usually translates to about 1500 words for short stories), however we are willing to be flexible in certain circumstances i.e. if a writer were to collaborate with an illustrator on a piece we would potentially allow more space to incorporate both artist’s work.

All artists will be given full credit in the front page of the publication,
We also ask that any submissions be accompanied by any social media/ web addresses that you would like including in the credits page. We ask that they be listed in order of importance as we may not be able to fit all of them on but will try for 2 per person.

We are hoping to have the publication out in time for Halloween and therefore the deadline for submissions will be the 5th of October.

All submissions should be e-mailed to

25th August

Sequins should be banned on all bedclothes. After a sleepless night we are Amsterdam bound, ready for the upcoming Amsterdam Film and Comic Con at RAI where we will be set up in the Artist Alley where we look forward to chatting to the people of Amsterdam about all things horror and comic related. In the meantime we will chilling in the cafe with this dude.

Knock Knock

Frisson Comics is proud to announce a new quarterly publication. A horror zine featuring work by some of the finest artists, writers poets and degenerates in the North West. The summer edition will debut at London Film and Comic Con this Friday!

Frisson Comics @ Shrewsbury Comic Art Festival 15th – 17th July

We are about to take our comic to a number of cons taking place both in and out of the U.K. starting this Friday at the Shrewsbury International Comic Art Festival! 

The event is taking place at Quarry Park in the heart of scenic Shrewsbury featuring a wealth of artistic talent. However the best thing about this con is that entry is completely FREE! So whether you want to pop in for an hour or make a weekend of it make sure you head on down!

Copies Now In Deadhead Comics Edinburgh!

Independent comic book stores don’t get much more independent than Deadhead comics Edinburgh. We had e-mailed the store before recently taking a trip to Edinburgh in regards to stocking our comic in the store. After a brief reply stating that; yes they would be interested pending a brief look through the comic.

The e-mail was signed off by Gafin. After a small amount of research we found this to be the infamous Gafin Austin who, amongst other things was the inspiration for Dylan Moran’s portrayal of Bernard Black in the sitcom Black Books. Needless  to say we were trepidatious of approaching Gafin after reading online tales of his ravings at customers. What if he thought our comic was shit and didn’t mind letting us know about it?

We found the shop on West Nicholson Street relatively easy. Two men stood smoking outside and we walked into an empty shop. A head poked in from outside and turned the shop light on for us as we continued to browse the store to the sounds of The Stranglers and Hawkwind. The shelves were stocked with a healthy mixture of new and classic commercial comics alongside small print independent titles and not a Pop Vinyl in sight to take up valuable shelf space. 

Eventually we were greeted by by Gafin whom we nervously approached ready to hold up our e-mail from him lest he be angered by our audacity to solicit him into stocking our work. We were pleasantly shocked however to find him approach us with a giddy enthusiasm and a genuine interest that is rare to find amongst  comic store staff. He was more than happy to take all the books we had with us and was happy to trade copies of our comic for his own stock. He was a massive help in recommending which Scottish cons to attend as well as which other cities also had thriving independent comics scenes. 

If you’re a comic fan and should find yourself in Edinburgh be sure to pay Gafin a visit at Deadhead Comics.

Knock Knock… Who’s Out There?

Frisson Comics are planning on putting out a horror themed zine and are looking for artists of all mediums, abilities, ages etc to contribute. It’s going to be in a5 black and white and the cost of printing will be totally covered by us.

The plan is to sell them cheaply, just making enough money from them to cover the cost of printing and distribution. All submissions will be fully credited in the zine and we will happily put any and all links to your Facebook, Instagram, WordPress etc. 

We are very keen to help showcase talent and provide people with a chance to help develop the horror fiction scene in the Liverpool and Northwest area which is why we are trying to focus on local artists.

We will be taking the finished products to several comic conventions both in and out of the U.K. In the hopes to provide some good exposure and promotion for everyone involved.
Submissions can be in the forms of comics, art, illustration, film reviews, articles, prose fiction or poetry. It can be an excerpt of a larger work you are working on or an existing work you would like to promote. If we get enough submissions we could potentially release one monthly or bi-monthly and could feature any work being currently crowd funded and provide links etc. Just bear in mind it will be black and white and a5 in size.

The only criteria we are imposing is that it be (loosely at least) horror themed and that it is original artwork, as the tables at some conventions expressly forbid us from selling fan art! Also we recommend it be between 1 and 3 pages long but we are willing to be flexible on that depending on number of submissions etc.

Submissions should be sent to

Thank you if you read this far! Hope to hear from some of you guys.

Tom and Katie x

Physical Copies Now Being Printed!


After being away for a while, and after a successful, but stressful Kickstarter campaign we are delighted to announce that we have sent off Take Only Photographs, Leave Only Footprints for publishing (complete with ISBN)! We have been estimated 5-6 working days before we get the physical copies returned to us. Then it is just a matter of completing the sketches for the people who ordered the premium bundle before we can finally get them out to people. Thank you to everyone who made this possible.